My Current Research . . .


For several years I have been working on a book-length study of the People's, or Populist, party of Texas. I am taking a partly chronological, partly topical approach with the following projected as chapters:

  • The Origins of Texas Populism
  • Ideology and Policy
  • The Election of 1892
  • Populists and Religion
  • Populism and Gender
  • The Election of 1894
  • Populism and Race
  • Border Populism
  • Legislating Populism
  • The Election of 1896
  • Conclusion: The Decline and Fall of the People's Party

As of early 2015, I have completed drafts of eight of these chapters with portions of two others under way. The advent of digitized newspapers has revolutionized my work, although it has also slowed me down, as there are now hundreds of papers now as near as one's computer.

For a small preview (minus footnotes) from my recently completed chapter on the election of 1896, excerpt.docx.